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B. Fu | Bought a Townhouse in Ponderosa, Sunnyvale

Lin helped me buy my first house. It was a very very pleasant experience and I feel myself extremely lucky to find Lin as my agent. 1. Lin knows how to make me start thinking seriously on housing When I decided to buy a house, I knew nothing about real estate and mortgage. But Lin gave me thorough explanations on everything I need to learn. Without Lin, I must have spent many days on reading and filtering thousands of online articles about housing. But Lin quickly pointed to me what I need to learn, what I need to pay attention on, and what I need to avoid when searching the houses. 2. Lin has the expertise Lin always thinks in my position and can always find an open house that matches my requirements. There are so many houses in bay area that sit in my budget, but only a few of them meet my requirements. It will be very time consuming if I filter all these houses, but Lin can always find the good one as long as it is on market. Lin has a deep understanding of the market. For example, when I asked Lin about a new open house that I think I like but she did mention to me, she quickly explained to me which part of the house does not meet my requirements or has severe flaws. This is because she knows the houses in the area. 3. Lin is efficient Lin always acts fast. Her reply to my question was not only fast, but also accurate. Moreover, Lin acts on the market quickly. As a result, she found a good deal for me. This is the house I am living in now. The market is so hot and a good deal can only be caught by an efficient agent. 4. Lin is considerate All buyers have a budget but our budget is never enough because we always want a better house. But Lin can analyze my current requirements (which I told her) and my future requirements (which I did not realize myself but she figured it out for me), and balance my requirements and budget. I think “being considerate” is the most important skill of an agent. Lin has the skill. As a result, I found the ideal house within my budget. 5. Lin is continuing helpful even after the purchase Even one year after I bought the house, I still frequently asked Lin for help. For example, I asked her about decoration recommendation, I asked her about refinance, I asked her about home insurance, and many other questions. She always answered me quickly and every time I learnt again from her. Because of all these reasons, my house purchasing with Lin was very successful. I highly recommend Lin to all home buyers.

Nathen Zhu | Bought a Townhouse in Lakewood, Sunnyvale

As a young couple, we started working with Lin to look for our first home in mid-2017 and purchased a townhouse in Sunnyvale near the end of 2017. We’re very happy to have Lin help us along the whole process. Lin is reliable, trustworthy, and intelligent with extraordinary negotiation skills. With little knowledge about the real estate market around the Bay and what to look for when buying a house, we relied on Lin a lot. She spent time to get to know our needs, accompany us with open house tours for a variety of options to gradually narrow down what could best fit our needs and budget. With her experience in helping other clients like us, we trusted her in evaluating the best options for us (single family/townhouse, location, school district, traffic, budget, mortgage options). Lin is extremely good at execution and we trust her fully in taking care of the pre-approval, underwriting of the mortgage and later on the close of the purchase. She actively kept us in pace of the process and the end result was a very smooth experience with absolutely no panic and rush, just a happy move-in to our new house. We heard that some agents might be pushy and rush their clients to make a decision. Lin is definitely on the other side of spectrum. She tirelessly put out the pros as well as the cons of a house and ask us to make sure that it all fits what we want. We once were planning to place an offer on a unit close to CalTrain, and we thought we can live with the noise with all the excitement. However, Lin’s reminder of this disadvantage of the unit helped us calm down and finally passed on the unit. We were glad that Lin was there to “stop” us as we are now enjoying the quietness of our current home so much. Lin has excellent negotiation skills and an acute sense of opportunity that helped us get a very reasonable price for a home we like. Many factors need to play right and timing needs to be perfect for a good deal to happen. But with Lin, as in our case, when such a chance happens, I believe she can help you sense it and catch it.

Y. Zhou | Bought a home in South Blaney, Cupertino

**STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!** Lin is a really great buyer agent. I was a first time home buyer and was not familar with the house market in the bay area. My husband and I talked to several realtors and eventually picked Lin because she was the most informative agent that we have talked to and my friend highly recommends her. Also, she was actually caring about our needs and gave us the most sincere suggestions compared to other agents. At the first start, Lin was actively helping us to figure out what would be the best house for us (based on different school districts, location, neighborhoods, etc), this really saves us a lot of time in finding the most suitable house. she is also really patient in explaining the whole process of buying a house, always responsive within an hour. She also took us to a lot of open houses in the weekends so that we could have a better idea about our future house. And because she is willing to do more work to investigate every single house in the markets, we can always expect more detailed and useful information from her about every house. She was really honest about the conditions of every house, would try to show us every single details about the house, even some minor defects. Our buying process lasts for about four months because the market is really hot in south bay area and we are really picky about our future house. But Lin was still really really patient even the whole process takes so long. And a month ago, we finally found our dream house and because Lin is very knowledgeable of the market and well connected to some seller agents, we got it at a really satisfied price. It was actually a great deal. Lin was also helping us along the whole loan process, saved us a lot of time in the closing process. If you are looking for a house in the south bay area and want to find a professional, reliable buyer agent, Lin would be the best option.

Q. Zhuang | Bought a Townhouse in Lakewood, Sunnyvale

Based on my experience of buying my house, I will give Lin a 5 stars absolutely. She is a very professional consultant. Before I decided her as my buyer agent, she asked the most important question about which area I’m looking for and told me the reason was buyer agents has to be very familiar with house sources there so that they could win in the bid than other buyer agents in terms of more accurate, quicker response which is very impressive. When we started to look for houses, she shown me around 8 houses at the first weekend and helped me figure out and narrow down my real needs with a lot patience. She could think in the way of buyer and seek for great deals for me. Once we locked down the house I want to buy, she discussed with me and respected with my personal tolerance of taking risk and give out the offer logically. Her professional skills helped me get the house I want with a very cheap price comparing with market price then. She was also very responsive when the house is in the contract waiting to be closed. She was there help me to make sure I got the loan on time by keeping sync with my load agent. The appraisal price is ~12% higher than my purchase price. Even after I got the key of my house, she was also there help answer my substantial questions about the house: HOA, hot water heater repair and so on. In a conclusion, I strongly recommend you may want to consider her as your buyer agent.

Y. Liao | Bought a Single Family home in West Valley Sunnyvale

We were so lucky to have Lin as our buyer agent. We recently relocated to bay area from another state, and initially knew very little about the real estate market in bay area. Lin first spent hours with us to educate us the market trends, schools, pros and cons of different areas, and we were really impressed by her knowledge and insights. Before we were ready to make offers, she spent a few weekends with us just to explore open houses in different cities to better understand our needs and teach us what to look for. With Lin’s help, we quickly gained our knowledge and finalized our search areas in just a few weeks. When we were ready to submit offers, Lin went through every details of the inspection and contract paperwork with us, and showed unbelievable bidding strategy and negotiation skills. In just a couple of weeks after we were ready, our 2nd offer for a nice SFH in our ideal neighborhood was accepted at a very nice price. Most of our friends wouldn’t believe us when they heard that we purchased a house after just 2 months moving to bay area. During the entire process, Lin has been always very patient, reachable, and never pushed us to make decisions. We trust Lin very much and consider her the best real estate agent in bay area. We highly recommend her to any home buyers in the area.

L. Yang | Bought a Single Family home in West Valley Sunnyvale

We got our dream house within two months at a great price and it could never happen without Lin’s help! When we met Lin for the first house hunting trip, I was immediately impressed by her professionalism. She is exceptionally knowledgable about the market and pros/cons of houses and very honest. She quickly understood what kinds of houses we were looking for and timely updated us when she saw a potential buys available. That was how we found our home eventually: Lin called us one day and told us to check on a house we must see. It was on the market for the first day and we went and liked it a lot. It was definitely a hot home and got quite a few traffic that day. The sale agent got some inquires and said she planned to do an open house during the weekend. Lin analyzed the situation and encouraged us to make a preemptive offer. Her “try the best” attitude actually works! Our offer got accepted and the price is very reasonable. The whole process went so smoothly and Lin was incredibly helpful and responsive the whole time. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Highly recommended.

Wendy Ou | Bought a Townhouse in Mountain View

Lin helped us to buy our first home in 2018. We started with a face-to-face talk about process, mortgage and preference of location. Lin is very knowledgeable about house market in the area, and showed us around with a few choices on a Saturday. Then we decided to move on with a townhouse in Mountain View. Every week, Lin recommended one or two open houses for us; and we shared our feedback after visiting. She always respond to our questions with in minutes, if not seconds. In offer negotiation, she knew when to offer more in competence with a fair value in mind, and when to stop instead of overshooting. In last offer that worked out, she worked with Seller agent closely to reach a price that just beat other buyers and we’re happy with. Also, Lin recommended a loaner in our first talk based on our situation, who we worked with smoothly for pre-qualification and finally closing in 21 days. Lin’s expertise in process and mortgage saved us a lot of time in paper works and mortgage shopping. In short, it’s challenging for a first time home buyer, but Lin made it much easier.

Tiansong Cui | Bought a Single Family home in Mountain View

I would definitely recommend Lin to all my family members and friends who are planning to buy a house in South Bay area. Lin is extremely familiar with every single listed home in South Bay area. She helped us filtered a list of homes every week and saved us a lot of time. She not only answered all our questions promptly, but also provided us all the needed information without which we might have made the wrong decision. Lin always seeks to buy the best home for us with the best price. With her help, we finally bought a house that greatly exceeds our expectation, but the price we paid is still within our budget. We were initially seeking a 3-bedroom townhouse but finally Lin found a great deal for us and we were able to buy a 4-bedroom single family house in the same area. Lin has been our “lifetime consultant” even after our house seeking journey. She is still the person to ask whenever we have any home-related questions, i.e., home warranty, mortgage refinance, home improvement. She is still responding very promptly to all our questions.

Y. Guo | Bought a home in West Valley Sunnyvale

If you want a professional realtor who truly cares about her client, look no further! Lin helped us find our dream house 3 months ago, and nail the deal with very reasonable price. We were very grateful and enjoyed the whole process. Lin was referred to me by one of my co-workers, when I started looking for a new home. At that time, I was also considering another agent who was very famous in Bay area. But after two phone calls with Lin, I made the decision right away to work with her. She spent quite some time really trying to understand our requirements, and offered valuable suggestions early on to help us focus on areas that fit us. She was very responsive with all of our questions. Lin was always after new listing properties, and gave us timely updates. When our dream house came to the market after 3 relatively quiet weeks, she worked closely with LA and us to make a preemptive offer, while asked us to keep calm without overbidding. The closing process was also a breeze. Even after everything was settled down, she still kept in touch with us and offered help and suggestions on remodeling. What can you ask for more from a realtor?

N. Zhang | Bought a Townhouse in Lakewood, Sunnyvale

My husband and I were very fortunate to have Lin as our agent when buying our first house. Lin was extremely professional and knowledgable. She gave a clear overview of the process and explained the purpose and timeline of each step in detail. She always encouraged us to ask questions, and when we did, she was patient and responsive in giving answers. I appreciated most how Lin truly cared for her clients. She never rushed us to make an offer on a house, and she gave her honest opinions about the pros and cons of each house. Many times she would point out a flaw we hadn’t noticed and suggest against making an offer. When we were finally ready to make an offer, she urged us to think carefully whether we truly found our dream home or whether we were just trying to get over the house-searching process. She then negotiated back and forth and settled on a buying price that was well within our budget. My house-buying experience with Lin was smooth and successful, and I highly recommend her as a buying agent.

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